Figurative Series

2018/ 2019

My figurative series ” Value”, has notes of humor that comment on society in its moments of innocence, pleasures, peace, havoc and love. I am trying to represent the human figure in a way that words or writing simply may not. Tessier’s gestural blotches of colorful paint help to provoke emotion and construction of space.


Senses: Food Series Inspiration
November 14, 2017

I was inspired to create the food series “Senses” when I traveled to Shanghai, China back in 2013. The markets where people shopped for their fresh live food and produce was fascinating, extremely colorful, and incredibly moving. After returning from China, I moved from Denver to downtown Los Angeles, where almost every corner in the city had an assortment of restaurants, shopping markets, fruit carts, and hot dog stands (a few of my favorite places to eat? Bottega Louie, Terroni, and Sushi Gen!). I started to look at the colorful arrangements of food in the city for any inspiration because I felt so lifeless living there. I truly felt like I was sleeping through a pointless reality and only saw colors of grey I would look out of my all glass apartment and see nothing but cement, and shades of monochromatic grey, black, and white.

In the painting “Fatty Tuna #2,” I captured the movement of the muscles in the fish, as well as the opal, pearly white of the scallops delicately wrapped on top of the sticky rice; the sequin blue shine in the octopus tentacles; and the buttery green in the small slices of the avocado stacked in between more fluffy white rice, topped with sesame seeds. Within “Fatty Tuna #2,” you’ll also see a replica of “Bleu de Blanc,” a dish at Terroni in which they take a whole fish, fry it to perfection, and serve the dish with a side order of deep black squid pasta.

In “Ideal Option,” you will find large slices of cake in a variety of flavors, from chocolate with marshmallow filling, to raspberry and cream, to the “Princess Cake” (a special delicacy only found at a place called Alcove in Los Angeles). The Princess Cake is a delightful white cake with berries folded into whipped cream, layered into white cake batter and finished with a beautiful color of light pink fondant.

My painting “Peaches and Cream” is inspired from Bottega Louie, deep within their aisle of stacked macarons of 50 different colors and flavors. Bottega Louie has a beautiful ambiance,  with its 40-foot ceilings, cream colored walls, and crystal blue dusted windows. This is a place that I would often visit to get a decadent slice of cake with a chilled silver fork and a glass of champagne.

Each and every one of these paintings was cut off of their stretcher bar with an exacto knife when I left Los Angeles to return to Denver last year. They were rolled up as tightly as possible, and stuffed into the back of my 2-door car as I embarked on the journey to return to Colorful Colorado. “Senses” reminds me of the days that gave me hope and inspiration to move out of that city and find happiness, and for that,  I am forever grateful. While I finished the food series in Denver, I reflect on the gloomy days in Los Angeles, and the colorful, hopeful inspiration I received in the form of food from some of my favorite Los Angeles restaurants.